HELP please: add a pause switch to countdown timer


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Ah, okay, so it is literally a coin detector, not a coin acceptor (which detects if the correct coin is inserted before sending a signal). Thank you for the pictures and information.

The uC needs the crystal in order to properly operate. Removing it will not stop the time and probably have the uC perform strangely, if at all. Sorry. :(

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Alex Morfe

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Thanks for the info on the xtal :)

Detection of the right coin for this is limited to size:
1. It should fit the slot on the front panel
2. If it is too small, it will go through the slot but it will fall down on one side, not go all the way to the sensor.
3. A magnet can be added to block metal washers

A little modding, you can attach upto 4 coin slots (x1, x2, x5, and x10 denoms) to 1 timer.