help me repair 22`` lcd monitor. Have replaced caps and measured the output Voltages

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We have Lg monitor 22`` that show picture for a second /picture 1/ then goes black and then again broken picture/picture1/

What i have done : replace all the caps on the power supply except the big one.

I measure the volgates the blue cable to first three gray and to second three gray and it shows 5.05 5.05 000 3.3 2.45 2.95

I measure the voltages without CCFL connected, only the display board




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Can you remove panel bezel so that you can look at row/column
drivers on its periphery ? Under a microscope or magnifying glass ?

Look for solder cracks around thru hole areas and smt soldering.

Sounds like a possible thermal problem caused by mechanical/solder problems.
Or connector problem.

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The "one second to black" failure mode usually indicates a backlight problem. If it is an LED model, then you have a burnt out LED diode or two. If you have a CCFL backlight model, you have a bad tube. What you did was not necessary.

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i connect 2 visually healthy CCFL and they do as follows light go dark light go dark and that`s that.
I am begining to think and check. Advices are good accepted if i fail.


Have 1.82v/eh13a/ 3.35v/eh16a/ on the regulators on ad board.

14.46 on vcc of LAF001
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