Help me please - RF amplifier with gain 20dB and B.W 10kHz circuit.


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  1. RF amplifier with gain 20dB and B.W 10kHz circuit pleeeease
That is not a question. Even if it was, we need more background info - what are you trying to do? What do you have as a starting point (tools, strategy, input signal, desired result, ...)


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A 14 GHz Ku band radar signal amplifier circuit is difficult to design. What power supplies do you have to run the circuit?



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There is to less information to give any answer.
RF can be any frequency from a couple of kHz to many GHz.
A bandwidth of 10 kHz is very narrow.
It may be possible upto a few MHz, but impossible when going higher in frequency, as you will not be able to make the Q factor.



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I had to look these up. These designations are
a mess. The new satellite broadcast band is
around 21 GHz but they refer to it as Ka. Very
hard to point a dish at that frequency.

Ka band 27 to 40 GHz
W band 75 to 110 GHz

Q was never used it seems. Letters like that
are easily confused with zero. Maybe it could
be used for the Terahertz frequencies opening
up now. so what is the purpose of this mystery amp?

and....why is the spell checker using the lower
case for Heinrick's last name? TeraHertz ? or
is the uber rule no caps inside a word?


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Now I see the Q band. The first reference I checked
didn't have it. Seems a mishmash vs the HF meter
bands hams and broadcasters use.


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Very interesting. I will educate myself (a little).
Shouldn't be surprising that science advances
even when I'm not looking.

and thanks too for the professional (adult) way
you have responded to my ignorance (lack of
knowledge). Sometimes rare on the web.


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Hard to be off topic at this point...but being new here, a question.
Are the pseudo Engineers discouraged here?, the "Houdini" motor
posse for example? A very interesting phenom but not Electronics.

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Thank you guys for your responses, after all that was a project required by my professor
so I came here and asked you
I really appreciate your response
Again thank you
And don't think that I am that electronics guy that know everything

I know that I should educate my self ... Hhhh
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Thank you guys for your responses, after all that was a project required by my professor
so I came here and asked you
Did your professor build any background as to the homework assignment? Or did he just throw you into the viper pit? And, given your original question, how would YOU answer it?

From your requirements, I would say that you are wanting a low noise amplifier for the intermediate frequency stage of a radio. Typical for voice radios.

An RF amplifier circuit with 20dB gain would have to be split into two separate cascaded RF amps of ~11 dB gain each. 20dB is too much gain for one amp, provided you want your circuit to be stable. Between them, you will need a XTAL filter with a bandwidth of 10kHz (or maybe two 13kHz XTALs), plus the requisite input and output match for the crystal.

And HOMEWORK questions go into the HOMEWORK section of this forum.