Help in Understanding EMR, GW & kV from Generated Power

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Hello, and hopefully some knowledgeable people can offer some advice and simple explanations and guidance please.

I am trying to find out the calculation from GW to kV and hopefully understand Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR).

If 2 sites of x 6 underground cables (0.3 GW each), so 1.8 GW from each sector (so 12 cables in total) = 3.6 GW = merge and come ashore from a wind farm, with spacing between the cables and the total width being about 100 m of landfall, how large is this in kV of power in Volts and would the EMR be high?

I am trying to understand the EMR aspects, if the land would warm up, if health could be at risk, and also how much power this is in Volts (like a High Voltage line being 400 kV = would the 3.6 GW be higher or lower?)

The cables would still be before a relay station, and would this be like a High Voltage Line and would it be safe with new research and information on the human body and studies into cancer, EMR etc, or possibly a very high dose to live within zero meters (it would all be directly under a home) of this amount of generated power and radiation.

Sorry if the question seems muddled, been a while since I did my basic studies and this is way beyond me.

Hope you can help,

Kind Regards, Nomads