Help identifying a component in a TO92 package

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Hi I have a Motorola part with some numbers on it that I cant find anywhere top to bottom it says .15- then 1020 under it then Motorola's M and 730.

Its on a small board that controls a intake heater on a Cat engine. Its feed on pin 1 with 5Vdc pin 2 will be ground through a resistor and pin 3 im guessing is some type of signal.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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A clear photo of the part would help. Also something to identify the Cat engine (maybe we can find some repair references) would help too.


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Here are the pictures in operation it seems to be a PNP transistor, and it seems to be working now I am trying to identify the 20 pin DIP in the second photo.

It’s a CAT 3116 engine old part number 7P7730 new number 7E-9958
A clear image of the back of the PCB might help work out what that component is. The numbers aren't much help.