Help for driver pcb SSD1351 1,5" oled display.

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i have a 1,5" oled display with ssd1351 chip i am trying på power up.

I have designed a pcb to power it up like the datasheet describes.

But i cant get it working. i have worked on it for several months but cant figure out whats wrong.

i am using a atmega328 microprocessor driving it in 4 line spi. I bought a demo pcb board for the oled screen that works just fine. So the code should be right. The demo pcb is not exactly like the datasheet describes some values and pcb routes are not the same.

But the question. What components is nice to have and what are need to have?

Here is the wiring diagram from the datasheet:

Here is from a demo board from adafruit that uses the same display:

When i search for other people using the display it looks like all get it working with no problems at all...

I am out for ideas.. Can someone help me in the right direction...

Regards Danni.