Help designing a low power 1khz + transmitter to simulate emf emissions from wx fronts.

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Several scientific medical studies have indicated that the heart rhythm condition AFIB can be triggered by emf waves preceding low pressure weather fronts. One study postulates the frequency range is 3 to 5 khz but could be up to 10 MHZ. I have that medical condition, and I know that I am seriously effected by these wx fronts even though I have had physics professionals tell me that they don't exist. What I am trying to do is use a frequency sweep generator output and amplify that output into an antenna so that I can experiment as to what frequency range tends to effect my heart rhythms, so that I can proceed in actual wx front emf wave detection. My questions are... 1. Will the sine wave voltage output of the sweep frequency generator contain the emf component that I am trying to simulate? 2. Can you link me to schematics for transmitters in this frequency range... 1khz +? 3. Does anyone know anything about emf waves generated from low pressure or cold wx fronts. I can feel these waves in my chest as the front approaches, and then feel their
absence once it passes. The emf waves can lead the front by as much as 48 hours, since they travel at radio frequencies. I am an old TTL digital technician and ham radio operator since the 60's. I need help with modern electronic devices. I am having trouble understanding how the emf wave and the ac sine wave of a transmission work together and what is needed to transmit the emf component. Thank you.
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First off I have AFIB. What causes episodes is many and there is no one specific cause. The chances that this specific stimuli would trigger an incident for you are pretty slim. For me it seems to be taking the supplement arginine over a long period that triggers an episode.

What ever that cause for you, you would need to be a major fool trying to trigger an episode without the supervision of a doctor. AFIB episodes are extremely dangerous, They can cause a stroke which can lead to death. I am hopeful that none of the forum members are going to help you take the chance to kill yourself.


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I'm not familiar with generating RF at such a low frequency. 10 kHz. is about as low as I've ever worked and it is quite difficult to fabricate components for such low frequencies. Also I've never seen a commercial sweep generator go that low, but my sample size is maybe half a dozen.


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a function generator should work for generating waves around that frequency.most go from below 1 hz to around 1 mhz. an antenna or radiator would be the problem due to the length and bandwidth involved. a more likely reason for the physiological effects is the barometric pressure changes involved with weather fronts. as I age, I find I can forcast the weather better, due to the aches and pains from old injuries.