hall sensored pwm BLDC motor controller + bluetooth + rgb leds microcontroller

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I'm looking for a small micro-controller (max 80 x 80 mm) that can:
pwm a small brushless motor (assuming brushless handles polarity switches better?)
reverse motor polarity (switch rotating direction) Add H-bridge circuit? 2 pwm signals wired forwards and backwards?
Hall sensored to sync motor rpm to rgb strobe rate

It also needs enough pins to control as many addressable rgb led modules as possible (min 3).
Enough memory to hold some basic light patterns
It's battery powered and I'm aiming to run it at about 5 volts.
The micro-controller also needs bluetooth (for uploading patterns)
And bluetooth for communication between units allowing their motor rpm and led strobe rates to sync together(yeah I'm asking a lot).
A power regulating and battery recharging circuit has to fit in there somewhere.
Power for charging and data for programming the patterns through a micro-usb connector.
Enough pins to add 2 potentiometers that could manually control motor speed and rgb strobe rate would be nice.
2 buttons, one to power on and one to switch through the patterns

I've looked at:
Sensored 3-Phase BLDC Motor Control Using MSP430
ESP8266 12-E NodeMCU Kit
Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense
Arduino Nano Every
But the more I look, the more confused I get!

I'm hoping I can find an off-the-shelf board that does everything needed.
Thanks to anyone who reads this far, any advice is appreciated, cheers


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The link shows a motor with hall sensor commutation.
There is a few links on the Picmicro site.
There are off the shelf servo drives that will do this, not sure if they will come that small, they typically use ±10vdc bidirectional analogue control, or step-direction.
The requirements however would seem that you would need a DIY version as opposed to an off-the-shelf that would fit the bill.