Gravity Sensor for Light Switch


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Hello All,
Thank you for your responses. "Turn" refers to the orientation of the light itself, not the switch. Think of a cube, for example, if one side is facing up, the cube glows blue; and if the cube is rotated 180 degrees to have the other side pointing up, it glows green. I'm thinking this would require a tilt switch as mentioned, but wanted to see if there are any other ideas. Thank you!
Does this actually mean that the light IS a cube?


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True @MisterBill2. However, we don't have dimensions for this color cube. I automatically assumed something around 3 or 4 inches cubed. I also didn't imagine a 110 VAC supply, rather, batteries and colored LED's. Those tilt switches could be used to trigger a transistor or FET. Of course, they're meant for higher currents, so they may prove inadequate for low voltage low amperage situations. However, you may be able to find those switches in many different sizes and configurations.

If I were to build something to work on four axes, I'd take a spring out of a pen, solder it to a PCB (standing up) then solder a steel weight to the end. One end of the spring would act as either ground or power while the other end would flex with gravity and could make contact with four different contact pads internally. Again, I'm assuming enough room to put such a package.
Good Luck!