motion sensor

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    Looking for PIR Sensor/Ocupancy Sensor suggeations.

    I am in the process of building an automated lighting system for a bathroom in my home. The goal is to have the string of light turned on when the bathroom door is closed and nobody is in the room, and then have the lights turn off when someone enters the room. I want to have 3 failsafe's to...
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    Tying triac outputs together for independent switching of load

    Hi all, Is it ok to tie the output of multiple triac switching devices together to independently switch on a common load? I am looking to have multiple outside motion lights that are on my house, tied together so that if motion is detected in one area, that it turns the lights on on more than...
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    Gravity Sensor for Light Switch

    Hello AAC! Running into some issues with my current light switch design, and realizing that, if possible, I would like to change my setup to include some sort of sensor that can detect movement. Basically, my application for this bedroom light would be to have the light turn on and off based on...