1. AksharGandhi05

    LTSpice simulation of a two-port network.

    Here's the question : "For the two port network given, obtain the Z-parameters, ABCD (transmission) parameters and h (hybrid) parameters. What should be the value of load resistance connected at Port-2 for maximum power transfer when a voltage source of 25V is connected at Port-1." (Picture...
  2. B

    Electronics for the 12 year old brain

    I teach over 450 grade 7 & 8 students some very basic electronics/coding. In the 80's or 90's there was a career chart that was seen in school which specifically highlighted career options for those who pursued the different levels of Math. I have searched the WWW but have not found it...
  3. S

    Gravity Sensor for Light Switch

    Hello AAC! Running into some issues with my current light switch design, and realizing that, if possible, I would like to change my setup to include some sort of sensor that can detect movement. Basically, my application for this bedroom light would be to have the light turn on and off based on...