good coupling intuitions between microstrip line and cylindrical dielectric resonator

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yef smith

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i am trying to get a good coupling between microstrip resonator and cylindrical dielectric resonator.
i know its a sort of transformer equivalent model.
i am moving the dielectric cylinder around the microstrip line and i dont have a clue how to get the best coupling.
i have read many article and the touch this manner very vage.
i am tryig to look at the field monitor or the current distribution .
Is there any practical advice how can i see by field monitors or current distribution the sweet spot where my dielectric resonator will couple the best to the microstrip feeding?
Hi Yef.
The best way to visualise the fields is to use a 3D EM simulator. Do you have access to this software? It is usually very expensive but if you are in an academic institution they may have something that you can use.
Good luck.


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Simple comments...

You don't say anything about the assumed distances between the resonators or the physical construction of them. Are you talking about near-field or far-field?

You also don't say anything about the assumed frequency(or bandwidth).

If you had these assumptions then you can consider the means for "coupling". Coupling will either be capacitive, magnetic (inductive), or a combination. But which depends on the assumptions.
I'm assuming near field and frequencies of a few GHz or higher. Could you say more about the application?
The coupling will depend on the shape of the dielectric resonator which dictates the resonant mode.