Gate Voltage dropping under load condition

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We have designed a custom board using the MABC_001_DP000L. We are Using this custom board to provide Biasing voltages to the QPA1022 Amplifier.

We tested the custom board with the following set-ups:-

SETUP-1:- WITH NO LOAD(Power amplifier)

Under this setup Gate voltage is being generated and can be varied by varying VR1(10K pot). VDS is being generated and controlled by TTL input.

SETUP-2:- WITH LOAD(Power amplifier)

Under this setup, the Gate voltage is being dropped to -1.5V, because of this we are unable to set the Drain current but the Drain voltage is being generated.

For the reference find the SETUP-1, SETUP-2 and schematic snapshots..

Can Somebody help in debugging this ?

Thanks In advance