FX7500 Antenna EM wave increase and passive tag reading

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I am using FX 7500 (2 PORT) RFID reader.i have interfaced only one Motorola antenna with the reader.i am using passive tags for my outdoor applications and when I am sticking RFID in glass,it's not reading.when I am giving some air gap between tag and glass ,it's reading well

I am expecting help from you for resolve my below issues.

1)how to increase the antenna RF power using FX7500.

2)May I know exact frequency range for india(4 option in IP based login)

3) According to FX7500,linear antenna is better or circular antenna ?

Is there guidelines for fixing the passive tags for appropriate antennas.

4) when the electromagnetic wave propagation in the antenna , what kind of environmental parameter will affect the em radiation?

5)Fx7500 is exposing more heat and how to avoid that.