Boom barrier control using FX7500 Motorola

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    I am controlling my boom barrier using FX7500 RFID reader. For this I have used 24V DC relay .My reader have 2 no of GPO(5V),3 GPI, default 24V DC is coming out from the reader.i have connected relay L1 to 24VDC pin in reader and L2 of the relay is connected with GPO1(5v).

    Whenever I want to latch the relay I am making GPO1 as means it will act as ground and boom barrier will open.i have not soldered any freewheeling diode in that.i don't know how to put diode between 24 V L1 and 5 V L2 .

    I have connected two push button like gnd-GPI1 and gnd to GPI 2.

    some times readers are getting reboot itself. when we have disconnected GPIO pins from the reader it's working fine.

    I have tried to latch the relay using GPO and ground in FX7500 RFID reader.the current is not sufficient to control the boom barrier.The distance between RFID reader and boom barrier is 7 mtr to 10 mtr.

    I have on idea like we can give external 5VDC,3A adapter voltage to manage insufficient.The application will run 24*7.I am expecting proper circuit and idea