Full Control of Linear Actuator

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In recent posts We were not able to give complete answers on controlling a linear actuator. One was operating a bellows & another was in positioning. A LA fell into my lap having two cables, a 5 pin DIN & two pin plug. Found only 2
active wires in DIN, so took it all apart with wiring shown in WAS. I modified wiring slightly by bringing out a blue lead & both of the motor leads shown in Modified. Now we can control direction with logic signals & an H bridge. The limit switches can now provide logic signals for extended or contracted. Latches might be used to control direction with stop signals from limit switches. Seem that a shaft rotation sensor could easily be added . It all went back together successfully.Linear Actuatoe 3 00000.jpg


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A magnet attached to the shaft operating a couple of Hall sensors can make a reasonable encoder. A couple of the LAs I have use a circular magnet and a reed switch but a second reed or Halls will generate quadrature signals to give you direction also.