Creative Inspire T3030: Volume Control Full Breakdown

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Currently I am in the process of completing a full breakdown of the volume control for the T3030. So this will not be left. So if you still have one, find one or break one, the sub with the 'brains', than this thread will go over the whole picture of the Volume control. This is because I do not have a volume controller, but I do have stubbornness.

There are too many sporadic threads here with conflicting information regarding pinout, colors of said pins and where these pins go. I have spent a good while combing over each and gathering info to from each into a wholesome view. I will credit where credit is due, so if I miss something, please let me know!

I am mapping out where each pin goes and what they do, as well as creating a schematic for the volume controller as well.

I have managed to map out what each pin corresponds to and have completed about 80% of the circuit. The only part I have left is to map out the headphone jack.

If anyone has more info regarding values of the Volume Controls' components' please drop it by, it would be wonderful in the overview.

P.S. If I have posted this thread in the wrong place, please let me know! Thanks!


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It appears that you are working toward being well prepared. That is very good, and certainly this is the right place to ask questions. I look forward to being able to provide useful assistance.
You will need to be able to tell us what a T3030. is, because I am not at all familiar with it .

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Alright y’all here is the breakdown for the Volume Controller for the Creative Inspire Sub/Amp combo, since that is the only way to make it functional. The actual connecter on the main board is a MDC-209, though the correct pinout numbers may differ from what I have here, the actual location is correct. The cable is a 9-pin Mini Din, but when is use, pin 2 is not used for the controller. Another item that may differ on the actual volume controller is the headphone jack. I have a matching one with the correct layout, but with the actual one the left and right may be switched. I tested the circuit and it functions properly with volume adjustment, bass adjustment, mute function when a headphone jack in plugged in and the On/Off function as well.

Female MDC-209 Connector:
Pin 1: Ground
Pin 2: 12 VDC- Unused within the controller
Pin 3: Right Headphone Out
Pin 4: On/Off Pull down detection for TDA7378 (AMP IC)
Pin 5: Left Headphone Out
Pin 6: 5.4 VDC Reference from M51132 (Volume Control IC)
Pin 7: Mute Sense for TDA7378 (AMP IC) when 3.5mm is plugged in
Pin 8: Bass Volume Sense for M51132 (Volume Control IC)
Pin 9: Speaker Volume Sense for M51132 (Volume Control IC)

Wire config for the controller:
Starting from headphone jack (left) to On/Off | Speaker Volume (Right)
Purple (5): Left Headphone
Yellow (7): Mute sense
Red (3): Right Headphone
Green (8): Bass Volume Sense
Black (1): Ground
Aqua [Light Blue] (6): 5.4 VDC Ref.
White (4): On/Off Pull down detection
Brown (9): Speaker Volume Sense

Resister Values (Based on others photos):
R53: 470
R54: 10K
R55: 5.6K
R56: 22K
R57: 1.2K
R58: 1.2K
R59: 42K
R60: 5.6K
R61: 2.2K

22K or 50K (I found both values and can’t test it)

Green (I found that most will work, voltage across is 2 VDC)

Volume Control Photos: @gopalyajur and president605529300

Please let me know if you have any feedback!
Creative Inspire T3030.PNGMDC-209.pngremote_back.jpgRemote_front.jpg


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I can confirm it works, at least the Volume, and Bass level. Also the on switch.
I've replaced a missing remote using your circuit.
I've soldered wires directly to the T3030 board.
I'm just using Volume, bass level, and on switch.
As for the Bass level, I've used 20k, cause with 50k my bass volume was too low.