Help on wiring pinout for the connector of remote control for i-tribute 3300 (possibly similar to the Creative Inspire T3030)

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Hello all!
Im new here so appologies. This is my first posting.

I am aware this thread is ANCIENT, however, these speaker systems last centuries, and the problems people have with the remote/mini-DIN9 ports continue. I have done a lot of searching and its apparent that a great many people still use these 2.1 systems simply because they sound good, theyre fairly compact, and they just wont die!
So lets pretend this thread is from yesterday...

I have the i-trigue 3300 which uses a seemingly identical (in function) controller to the 3030 and I strongly suspect they may be at least mostly compatible. The end of my remotes cable go ripped from its housing which prompted me to cut it off... which I now regret doing so hastily.
I too need the exact pinout as well as any other available information for possible soldering the remotes wires onto the board just to access the volume and bass level.

Any help would be amazing!
Also if anybody still has questions about the system (unanswered questions are timeless!) I can most likely answer!

Thanks much!
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Welcome to AAC.

Please create your own thread when asking a question for yourself. Posting to old threads is generally discouraged, but particularly when it involves “hijacking“ the thread to make it about your own question. You can alway refer to the old thread as background.