Fixing Icon MC-2100 Motor Controller - Looking for 7W 3K Power Resistor

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I have successfully, my first ever, repaired the MC-2100 motor controller from a Proform treadmill. It turns out the culprit was a simple power resistor. Unfortunately, I can't find one online.

The markings are "7W 3K3J" and "F.Y". This one has the stamped steel legs that exit the body, downward, about 1/4" in from each end. It looks like a long sugar cube and measures 0.384" x 0.384" x 1.423". I've searched on DigiKey, but can't seem to find this long sugar cube looking resistor.

Any help in locating one would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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What I have done is used the type of resistor that comes with tabs that have a circular mounting hole in the tab, I then used small aluminum 6mm stand off's thst use 4mm screws, one for the resistor and the other for through the bottom of the board.
You can also usually adapt and improvise with different version of resistors.
The other way is to use the standard 7W ceramic resistors with wire leads and use a very heavy gauge wire soldered to these leads.
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