Fixing a Robotic Chimpanzee

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Anna Swinemar

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I'm working on a Wow Wee 9001 Alive Chimp. Trying to bring it back to life as a sentimental piece for someone.

The monkey consists of sensors on the head, ears , motors, and IR sensors for eyes. It will react to movement and touch. It also has a large remote controller to control movements and to program.

When I opened it up the only visible damage was this transistor pkg. Code: BAP59 Pkg: SOT-89 (See attached Photo)

After looking up some SMD codes, the closest I came to a replacement was the following from DK.

I replaced the SMD transistor pkg using the DK replacement. Powered on using a benchtop DC power supply at 6V. The manual says it requires 6V 3.5A. (Manual attached) The smd transitor started getting hot, to the point it began smoking. Removed power. I assume this was the problem to begin as the original component was smoked. (See attached Replaced SMD Transistor photo) Note: the middle pad was not electrically connected to anything, It came off during desolder.

I replaced a few caps that I had on hand.

I later found a shorted component in series with the VCC to the control board. (Ceramic Cap Photo attached) I didn't have the correct value on hand which I believe to be 11pF? So I replaced it with a tantallum capacitor that I had on hand just to see if I would get any change. Powered on, drew almost 2.8A. Same thing happened, SMD Transistor got hot again.

After this I replaced the following:
-zener diode
-op-amp IC

I am not really sure where to go from here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'd really like to see this thing work again.

I've attached a picture of the boards in the whole unit as well as a photo of the chimp in case anyone is curious.


Hi Anna, I was wondering if you were able to fix your 9001 robot chimpanzee? A friend from work ask me to take a look at one that makes a short "burp" sound when you turn it on then does nothing else. Any information would be helpful.