Fiber Optic (SFP+) implementation with VC707

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I have 2 multimode SFP+ transceivers, fiber optic cable, and 2 VC707s. I want to just have these two VC707s communicate with each other. I am having trouble getting started. I looked at the Aurora core and the GTX/GTH transceiver document for the 7-series and am confused. I don't quite understand what I need to control. All I want to do is just send data from the VC707 to the other VC707 and then have the other VC707 send the same data it received back to the original VC707. Then have the original VC707 check if the data that it transmitted is the same it received. I think I have the hardware sorted out with the transceivers connected to the VC707 board and connected with the fiber optic cable. The software is messing with me. I have not done a lot of FPGA and am familiar with higher level software and a little bit of microcontroller. If someone could help me just get started that would be great.

I feel like this is a pretty simple task, so I am surprised there aren't any solid examples on this that I can find.


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As a new member to AAC and first time poster, I suggest that you stay on one topic for now. Let us see how the thread on TE0711 develops for now before launching into another topic.