USB 3.0 to SFP-type Fiber Optic Converter Circuit Diagram

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Anyone out there...
I am trying to find a circuit diagram for a UCB 3.x to SFP-based fiber optic converter. An example of one would be

I am really interested in trying to understand how this thing works. I have number of situations where I've had to go from USB to copper/RJ-45 (which I can find circuit diagrams for on the Internet) and then from the RJ-45/copper to SFP. A few circuit diagrams out there for that too. But when I crack open one of these USB to SFP devices (which I ended up destroying in the process, I'm not sure I understand the electronics). Actually, I know I don't understand the electronics.

Does anyone know where I can get a circuit diagram for a device that eliminates the RJ-45 middle man?

Please :)
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