E-book Correction Feedback on Direct Current (DC) textbook

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corrections to and feedback on https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/textbook/direct-current/

table heading should say 10kHz, not 100kHz

First indication of R_boot should be R_body
Second R_ diagram has trailing + sign
insufficient -> in sufficient

in diagram in “Using a Multimeter to Check For Resistance” section:
composistion -> composition

melts too -> melts to
too small -> to small
this unit actually -> this unit is actually

overvoltage -> overvoltage

The diagram in the "Peltier Effect" section is swapped with the one in the "Multiple Thermocouple Junctions" section

Never heard of "caustic". People call them "bases", they are "basic".

Subscripts needed on pCO2 and pO2

Bottom diagram in "Apply Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law (KVL)" section should be + E_{R1}

"less unknown variables and less simultaneous equations" – fewer

The first two diagrams in the "Solving For the Unknown" section are exactly the same.

"Remember that the “upstream” end of a resistor will always be negative, and the “downstream” end of a resistor positive with respect to each other, since electrons are negatively charged." – this is confusing if one is considering current in the conventional direction

"Notice that the middle term" – isn't really the middle term. You've rearranged it since you wrote the text, but haven't rearranged the terms in the following equations.

"Less equations to work with" – Fewer

"This is because those mesh currents (I2 and I3) are going through R4 in different directions." – not true, as drawn, As drawn, this is the case for R1

"Using KVL" section
As drawn, it should be 150(I_1 - I_3). All of this section's math is wrong, unless you change I_3 to be clockwise (which makes more sense, given the battery's orientation). It looks like you changed one of the loop's directions but didn't change the math all the way through?

"both currents I1 and I2 go through R3 from right to left" – from left to right, as drawn, with conventional current from + to -

I'm not quite sure I'm getting my equations for I_3 loop right (I think it's 150I_1 - 300I_2 - 450I_3 = -24), but I end up with a solution of:

I1 = 93.793 mA
I2 = -77.241 mA
I3 = 136.092 mA

When you do the math for the current over the individual resistors you get the right values but the inputs aren't right; eg I_{R1} is I_3 - I_1 but with your values (negative I1) you end up with a positive number even greater than I3. I_{R3} should be I_1 PLUS I_2, which with your values would be negative but is actually positive.

Needs to be superscripted:
In any event S = Ω-1

In diagram in "How does a Voltaic Cell work?" section: iconic -> ionic

In diagram in "How to Connect Cells to Minimize the Battery’s Internal Resistance?" section: equivlent -> equivalent

The section on solar cells seems quite out of date at this point.

the significant injury -> significant injury

The equation in the diagram is listed as R = rho * 1 / A but the numerator should be "l" (ell) not "1" (one)
In "9.61 x 10-6" the -6 is subscript but should be a superscript. Same for "2.65 x 10-6"

The diagrams for the wiper moving slowly up and moving quickly up are exactly the same!

In the diagram should how parallel capacitances add, the representation of C_total should be wider

The placement of signs on the inductor for "The inductor acts as a LOAD" and "The inductor acts as a SOURCE" are backwards.

For the "Increasing current" circuit diagram, why did the minus and plus signs on the ammeter switch places?

No ammeter in the "Decreasing current" diagram

In the diagram with the formula for inductance, the formula for \mu_0 should have units "T-m/A", not "T-m/At"

C< p=""> < sub=”“> => C_16