ESD problem with Linoleum floor?


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You know those square pattern lino they generate ESD problems?
Today i had to solder a TPS57040 10MSOP, (buck controller), but none worked.....i think it coudl have been ESD......they had no ESD mats or anything.
The parts would still have been safe if you observed common ESD prevention practices.

My bench has metal legs (wood work surface) on linoleum and I haven't zapped anything yet.

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Thanks, if you have a wooden table surface, then is it worth earthing the metal table legs? (Our table surface is actually woodchip covered in formica)


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If you are worried about ESD consider getting a grounded conductive mat as a work surface. Depending on how concerned you are and your budget there is even more you can do. Earthing the table legs probably won't do much.


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At a few of the companies I have worked (current one too) a conductive floor wax is used. The biggest selling point to me is wrist straps are no longer required, instead ankle straps that go under your shoe are used.

One place got dinged by an insperctor when a tech had the nerve to put the conductive foot on a foot rest above the floor! After that, both feet were wrapped and a "one foot on the floor" rule was enacted.