ESD Grounding a bench

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Anyone who knows me knows I only have one working hand and I'm paralyzed on the left. So I am setting up a permanent solder station in my workshop all of my workbenches have a metal sheet on them to for me to use magnets as tacks. So i am grounding this station.I 3D printed this little gadget The holes are sized to tap a #6/32 screws 1" long.
Gnd Plate.png Schematic.png
Then I cut down a power cord and attached a lug as shown, I added a short metal rod to strengthen the kludge.

20230618_185227.jpg 20230619_122233.jpg 20230619_122552.jpg

I assembled like so:


The final setup looked something like this.

20230619_200221.jpg 20230619_200241.jpg 20230619_200248.jpg

the unattached screw on the side is for a brown strap if I decide I want one.


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