ERROR: “esimPublisher/” 7584 internal error--Ultrasim error

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    Jul 13, 2016
    I am a new in this ams designer.

    In my design there are two power domains. One is 1.8V supply (vdd) and the other one 1.24V regulator output (dvddao).
    I have created the two sets of connect rules CR_dynsup_full_fast_macau_dvdd and CR_dynsup_full_fast_macau_vdd. These connect rules are using the connect modules from the cadence precompiled libraries.

    I am successfully able to compile them and used in AMS simulation. After the elboration stage is complete, when Ultrasim is just about to start, it is showing me the following error:

    ERROR: “esimPublisher/” 7584 internal error

    Here is the amscf.scs file that I've used in my simulation

    In the amscf.scs file:


    ie connrules=CR_dynsup_full_fast_macau_dvdd discipline=logic1v24 inst=“tb_top.dut.Icore_top.Idigital_top” net=“tb_top.chip_top_dvddao”

    ie connrules=CR_dynsup_full_fast_macau_vdd vddnet=“tb_top.dut.vdd” vssnet=“tb_top.dut.dvss” rout=0.001 vmax=3.6 discipline=logic1v8


    Below are the irun options that I've passed in the simulation.

    irun command lines options are:
    -amsconrules CR_dynsup_full_fast_macau_dvdd -amsconnrules CR_dynsup_full_fast_macau_vdd

    irun version: INCISIV15.10.005

    Could anyone please guide me how to resolve this issue?

    Thank you.