Electricity flows in an open circuit, too


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He’s completing the circuit through ground of the washing machine and the cast iron bathtub which is grounded through the water pipes.:p

here the video link


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More garbage from the 'New theories about electromagnetism' book spamming the internet.

A small slice:

Contemporary science, despite its allegedly great achievements, has failed to perceive any of the important principles in the nature; hence, its chaos, incoherence, untruthfulness. Regardless of the praise and glory assigned to it by certain mass media, if one honestly asks oneself, one can hardly deny the impression that science, instead of making nature closer and more understandable, makes it more distant and incomprehensible. This paper will begin with a presentation of a very important principle to immediately address what we have stated above.

That the positive electricity has the nature of expansion (blowing, pressure, explosion) and the negative electricity the nature of contraction (suction, depressure, implosion) can also be seen with naked eye.


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Antiscience did seem to be the order of the day, fortunately for humanity that seem so be changing (I hope)


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I don't see much changing.

A large slice of the antiscience I see today is associated with teachers and the battle for kids to get back in school. All of the science says the risks are minimal and most of the world has kids in classrooms of some sort but most of this county, because of battles with teacher unions, seem to not even want to try. The serious and long lasting effects from this are incalculable.

It has been almost 10 months since Covid-19 began battering families in the United States, putting parents out of work, shrouding their homes in grief and loss, and shutting children out of the schools that taught and cared for them.

It’s all taken an unthinkable toll on children — a social, emotional and academic ordeal so extreme that some advocates and experts warn its repercussions could rival those of a hurricane or other disaster.

“Recovery from Katrina wasn’t a one-year recovery. We didn’t just bring the kids back and everything fell into place. And this will be the same,” said Betheny Gross, the associate director at the Center on Reinventing Public Education at the University of Washington, who studied New Orleans schools after the 2005 hurricane and is now tracking Covid-19’s impact.

A nation of children coping with trauma, illness and disruption will need more than a vaccine to address the fallout, she said.

“I don’t think we can just start school next fall and say, ‘Everything’s going to be OK.’”
The next battle with the antiscience groups will likely be with the anti-vaxxers. A very divergent group that runs the political ring on both ends and back again.
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He’s completing the circuit through ground of the washing machine and the cast iron bathtub which is grounded through the water pipes.:p

here the video link
Yes, Agreed. This is clearly a case of someone who has absolutely no understanding of electronics, and the world at large around them- how things work. Just enough knowledge to be dangerous, not a enough to understand what they don't understand.