EAGLE Mirrored Devices: Problem with Labels

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    I usually keep pin labels on symbols/devices simple and have had no real problem when the device was rotated an/or mirrored. A current project uses the 16F1829. It is complex enough that for my convenience, I have added additional labels to the symbol. The symbol for the device shows properly when used without mirroring:
    Note that the pin/port labels are adjacent to the pin numbers and easy (at least for me) to read.


    When rotated just 90° CCW, the labels still retain that relationship. However, when rotated an additional 90° CCW or when mirrored, the pin/port labels are no longer immediately adjacent to the pins, as shown here:


    Of course, one way around that is to make an alternative device and use use it. I know how to make alternative packages, but in this case, I need an alternative symbol. Is there a way to do that?

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    UPDATE: Here's a recent thread on the subject. I guess alternative symbols cannot be matched to a single device. Please prove them wrong: https://www.element14.com/community...bols-for-easy-rotation?displayFullThread=true
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