Dual power with lm1117 +5 regulator

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    Jun 30, 2016
    I am working on RGB light strips. I have created the circuit that includes at Atmega 328P processor. See attached image.

    I have question about applying dual power supply.

    If using only 5V supply, I could feed the Atmega chip directly and also the led strip (addressable that uses 5V supply).

    Using only 12V supply, it will feed different led strip (non addressable) that runs on 12V source. Also it will feed power to +5V regulator. At its output, it will feed 5V to the processor.

    Now the question is... If connecting two power source ( to drive two different strips at the same time), as in the diagram, is it safe to run as in this circuit? I haven't tested with dual power yet. image.jpeg