Driver Side Windows Control Smd Transistor Buzzing

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Hi guys I am changing the lights on the door controller in my 04 Trailblazer and I shorted something which lowered the voltage from 13+ to 5+V. So I grabbed the passenger side one and measured in parallel and found that the transistors near both light sockets are toast. The passenger side transistor 2+1 pin SMD reads 6Cs 41 on it. I looked in my electronic junk box and found an older Dell laptop motherboard and found some transistors that look the same but I am sure are different. The ones I put in have 702-38 written. I read about it on a website ( ) and mine is BC817-40 Sot-23 and I think it's an NPN transistor and the other is 2N7002 transistor n-ch mosfet 60V 0.11A still SOT-23. Now I know the 2 are different on paper and the issue is that there is a buzzing noise coming from the box. Don't know where but it has to be related to the transistor and/or the one capacitor I changed, I do get the 13V now and the lights dim properly but there is the buzz. What should I do as I am sure there is a current problem in there? Thanks in advance for any help.
I have pictures but didn't see a place to insert them.