Done with my second year of electrical engineering, what should i do during my semester break?

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Im looking for a little piece of advice, as the title mentions I have completed two years of education of my electrical engineering degree. I am now on a semester break and really don't want to waste this time. If anybody can suggest what should i do during this time which can be helpful or beneficial for my electrical engineering career that would be really appreciated.

Right now im learning different languages just to keep myself busy, but i really want to do something related to my major. My subjects of interest are embedded systems, control systems, micro-controllers etc.

Looking forward to hear from you guys.


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You should have thought about this weeks/months before your break started.

An internship is always a good idea. You earn money, (usually) learn something, make professional contacts, and have an opportunity to see what it's like to work at the company you select. Another advantage is that they get to see your skills and work ethic and it could lead to a job or a referral after you graduate.