Doing a research project about antenna: How do i relate Heat, Electricity and Magnetism in my topic

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How do i relate Heat, Electricity and Magnetism in my topic?

I found some research, theories about RF, EM waves, but how will i apply it to my research.


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In a high energy state (lots of heat and pressure)the weak nuclear force joins with the electromagnetic force ...



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In the mid-1800's, James Clerk Maxwell worked up a set of 20 differential and integral equations that described electricity and magnetism. In 1882, Oliver Heavyside (co) invented vector calculus and reduced the 20 to four equations we now call Maxwell's Field Equations. Building on that in the early 1900's, Albert Einstein developed the relationship between electricity and light. Remember that while he is most famous for his theories of relativity, he won the Nobel Prize for his work on the photoelectric effect.

For over 100 years, people have been writing about and explaining their work at all levels from grade school science class to PhD's to more Nobel Prizes. Search and read.

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