DIY Signal Jammers for annoying microbus loud speakers

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Rusty Rifle

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Hi guys
I hope I can design something can stop the loud speakers in microbuses .. I'm living in bad district fill with drunk drivers.

they love playing very loud music in the microbus speakers and they hardly accept to to reduce the volume
I know we can use Bluetooth jammer but most of them use AUX jack instead.

Does anyone know how to use EMP ?
I don't know about it a lot.


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Notrhing you can do in relation to jamming if their audio is fed via the AUX jacks. That is not wireless, cannot be jammed.


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I know that we can do a lot of wonderful things with electronics. But if you are wanting to control other people's inconsiderate behavior with electronics then you are asking way too much. Electronics is not the way to go here.


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Even if the audio was via wireless, jammers are illegal in the US and many other places around the world.
EMPs would do a lot more than just jam signals - they have the potential to do a LOT of collateral damage to just about any electronic device in their vicinity (and I suspect requesting help on how to procure/make one may be against the forum rules - I'd have to check that to be sure though).


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It is manifestly against the rules to give any help to people with such a nefarious purpose.
We don't help with nuclear weapons either.


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It is indeed against forum rules to discuss jammers. EMP devices are also dangerous. Therefore I am closing this thread. If you have any questions please read our terms and rules which a link of which are found on bottom of every page.
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