Digital Logic Homework Help: LSFR

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Hello all,

I'm taking a digital logic course this term and I was sick so I skipped 2 lectures and the homework is about those lectures that I skipped :/ here are the homework questions I just need some guides on how to do it. If there are any online materials about how to do it, please provide them! I would really appreciate your help guys.

Here are the questions:
1) Briefly describe the two problems associated with conducting an exhaustive test.
2) A generating polynomial for a LFSR is P(x) = 1 + x2 + x4. Is this a primitive polynomial? (Justify your answer)
3) You are given a generating polynomial for an LFSR. You want to run this LFSR at the highest possible clock speed. Would you construct and internal or external LFSR? Why?
4) How is the FSM used in the JTAG TAP controller initialized?
5) Would is the basic concept behind DFT?



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Since this is YOUR homework, you need to start by providing YOUR best attempt to answer YOUR homework.

You have the lecture notes that your classmates took and you have the course materials to use as your starting point. Also, Google is your friend.