digital electroni(vhdl),writing code in vhdl

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Hi,please,can somebody help me with this task for my exam,it is really urgent and thank you really,so the task is:

write a behavioral vhdl code for an 8-bit arithmetic logic unit that can perform four operations for two 8-bit numbers: replacing the bits of the first input (0 in 1 and 1 in 0), replacing the second input bits, setting even bits of the first input in '1', setting odd bits in '1'of the second input,

if someone can help me with this i would be really grateful


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Generally speaking what happens here at AAC is we help people after they
have worked on the homework/exam themselves. So normally you would
attempt code part of the problem, sim it, then if behavior is not what you
expect you ask for help.

Regards, Dana.