Digital Clinical Thermometer


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Sounds like homework to me.
The policy for Homework Help is you have to show your best attempts first and then we can guide you.


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actually I don't have full knowledge of electronics. I have only basic. I am a pharmacist and have idea and use about thermometers. I need to design and assemble thermometer
What is it you are trying to accomplish? WHY do you need a digital thermometer? What is the problem you are trying to solve? There may be better solutions available off the shelf. There are literally thousands of them on the market with all kinds of capabilities. What capabilities do you NEED?


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Walmart (one of many retailers) has them for:

They are usually cheaper elsewhere. I don't think you can buy the parts, pay shipping, and build one for less. They are probably all made in China. Banggood, AliExpresss, and Harbor Freight would be other places to check.

If you almost no experience, it will take a lot of time and learning to design and build one.


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I need to designed circuit board for Digital thermometer. please help me.
Start to define your specs. Like temperature range, accuracy, environment ( water, air, metal, fire ++++)
and whom is going to use it ( households, technical, medical, firefighters +++++)

Above information allow you to select sensor and type of components to use.

Next: use collected knowledge and your brains to create the circuit.