Different styles of programming PICs

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Over the years, I have received lots of valuable help from this and other forums.

I use BASIC language for programming (Stuck in time, I'm afraid), and the Oshonsoft package for programming and simulation.

As you may expect, I have a certain style that I program in, not as better programmers use, but I've got used to it.
Recently, I had a program kindly 'ironed' out by a much better programmer that me, and I'm trying to adopt this style of programming, as best as I can. It is more moduler than I'm used to, but I can see the benefits.

Even more recently, I received a couple of test program examples explaining how buffers are used, and they worked together exchanging DATA. I changed them slightly so I could read them better, while also trying to adopt the 'better' method.

Anyway! This later program only works, if I first program one of the PICs with a completely different unrelated program first, then the needed program.
Can anyone shed light on what's going on please?