Design Power Bank -Need help to select IC

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I need to design Li-polymer battery power bank that charge from solar input and output 5V/1A.
I selected this chip and attached image is what they have given as schematic.
I have few questions.

1). is my selection is good?

Next questions are regarding attached image (schematic )

Q2) . what is host? what is phone tablet ? is that where we connect phone?
Q3). What is power pad means?


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I have no idea if the selection is good or bad. First question I would ask is can you obtain the other parts including the inductors? I hope you are not planning on productizing the reference schematic from a datasheet. There may be items which are omitted that you will have to find out about.

A "Power Pad" is any pad on the "pad ring" which is connected to GND or to a Power Supply Voltage. On a large IC (40 pins or more) it would not be uncommon to have multiple GND and multiple Power pins. You should not leave any of them unconnected.