Denso Ten limited display 134000-9730a101

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Hi all! I am diving into the specifics of this monitor. Denso Ten Limited produces the display for 2019-2024 chevy vehicles. The model number is 134000-9730a101. I am curious to know if this monitor/display functions as just a display or is it an integral part of the audio system. The goal is to install a larger higher quality display. If anyone has any insight on this or has an engineering schematic for this monitor, that would be really helpful and appreciated. Hope you all have a wonderful day!


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In general, the way to discover if the item is a portion of a system or simply an external display is to investigate the interface connection, and the controls on the device.
For evaluating the monitor/display, if the user interface includes either non-display controls or a touch screen then it is much more than just a monitor.
Also, the interface connection to the system will tell a lot. An "only display" package will have only power and video connections, while a device that is a system component will have more connections.