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I have a Dell DesTop System.
Model XPS 8930
System Tag HNMD243

I Called Dell to Find Out My System Specs and they Told me to go to this WebSite.

I can not Find anything like the Data Transfer Rate of My SD Card Reader.
I can not Find things like how many DIMMs My System can take and if they are DDR3. and My System Memory Speed it can take.

Am I not Seeing it can anybody help Me?

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I have " Speccy " and I Love it.

But it wont Tell Me things like the Data Transfer Rate of the SD Card Reader on the Front of the System.

And things like what Version of HDMI Port is on the Back of the System.

And Dell keeps Telling Me to go to the above WebSite and I will get a the Specs for the System.

Can you help?


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Enter your service tag at the basic "support" page, and select "details" about your system:

Basically it came with 8GB DDR4 ram. Look under "Manuals" or "Documentation" for more detailed specs about it, if they list it...
No vendor will list the SD card data rates, as those vary a lot based on what SD card you are using.
I often use CPU-Z to show system information about the motherboard, ram, etc.
System specifications also at:
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