DC-HV with voltage divider to SSR to produce high frequency square wave

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My professor wants me to create a circuit that mimics our lab testing setup, which is essentially producing a square wave with +/- 100 V at 1 kHz. I've designed the circuit (attached) which contains an Emco DC-HV converter (AGH30P-5) and a voltage divider to create +100 V and -100 V vs. ground. Using a solid state relay (Broadcom ASSR-302C-002E), I have a ESP microprocessor which provides the square wave, where one voltage turns on when the square wave is high and the other when the square wave is low. These are coupled together in the output which should produce alternating +/- 100 V. Right now, one side of the SSR is producing 0/100 V at 1 kHz but the the other side is not. Any help would be appreciated. circuit.jpg