Cuk Converter (Modulation Index, Inductances)

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Hello! I'm currently trying to figure out how to solve a) and b) and I'd be happy about every single clue!
Additionally, I'm not used to the English terms and I'm doing a semester abroad, so I'm not on the same level as my course requires.

My solution for a) would be:

Modulation Index Min = (V_o-V_in,max)\(V_inmin-V_in,max) =0.5
Modulation Index Max = (V_o-V_in,min)\(V_inmax-V_in,min) =0.5

Logically, it seems wrong to me.

for b):


For maximum I'd use the same formula like L_2min, just using D_max instead. Is the solution correct?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Hello there,

Why don't you do a more full analysis and then you can check this yourself. This will help when you don't have anyone to ask if the solution is right or wrong.

Start by writing a set of ODE's and go from there. It will be interesting too.
Have you ever done an analysis like this before? Like say on a buck circuit.