CRT oscilloscope not displaying


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First, please be aware you are working on a device that produces potentially LETHAL voltages and can store energy for a very long time after power has been disconnected. If you are not familiar with the dangers of a CRT power supply and how to avoid them, you should STOP NOW, and go research that topic until you are well enough informed to know what is safe to do and what is not.

Second, you call this an oscilloscope but it is clearly a CRT display. Where does the oscilloscope come in?

Finally, and this is intended with no disrespect whatever—until you can demonstrate a knowledge of the dangers involved with this piece of equipment and the practices that mitigate them, I can’t help you further. Anything I suggest will involve interacting with potentially lethal voltages unless you know how to eliminate them.

The reason I am not explaining how to do that is I can’t be sure you will act on the advice, so I need you to tell me what must be done to be sure you do understand, on your own.

Thankfully, there is plenty of information on this topic to be found on the web, search for CRT high voltage safety and you can read about it. I will be more than happy to help once you are informed about this critical topic.

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That's a PIL TV chassis not an Oscilloscope, what is the model number for it ? get the service manual and it will help you.

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IMG_2727.jpegI thank you for your concern, i made sure to discharge the tv properly. I was able to get it partially working. I connected the wires for a left and right speaker output from my amp, to the horizontal and vertical wire pairs. Now its just showing all over the screen. Is it possible to make it look more like this second picture?



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What you are showing us are video monitors, not oscilloscopes.
In order for a video monitor to function as an oscilloscope, it has to have special internal circuitry to accept X and Y DC voltages instead of doing horizontal and vertical AC scanning.