Could someone help me identify this component

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I took this picture under my scope, and I can't figure out what this is. Is it an SMD Zener Diode? A Capacitance Diode? Something else? I have a board I'm repairing and this component is missing from it so I'm trying to find a replacement. I'm not Sure if it's a code of .6 or 6 because i'm not sure if that dot is a decimal point or just a marking. Could someone help me identify this?



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All I can say it that it's a polarized device. Could be a signal diode, rectifier, zener, TVS, ... Might be a cap, but they're not usually black.

There are usually 2 or more characters in the device code. Using that and the package style, you can look up the actual part number. Knowing the manufacturer also helps because codes aren't unique between manufacturers.