Can someone help me to identify these components ?

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Hello, dear experts.
Can someone help me to recognize and eventually provide info from where i can purchase the following 2 components ?
Component 1 -> Picture 1,2
Components 2 -> Picture 3,4,5,6



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Resistors and rectifier, the part No should be on the diode, the 5watt resistor values are printed on them, all should be available at Digikey.


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Personally i would easily go with 5w for that resistor, I have some that are identical and rated 5W.
I cannot dispute that.
To be conservative, if you are going to reuse the existing resistors, assume they are 3W.
If you are going to buy replacements, get 5W. But I would check them first. 15kΩ 5W resistors don't go bad easily.


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If you haven't found or ordered your resistors yet,I will send you the 15k resistors for nothing. A friend of mine passed away last year and I inherited all his new components. I have plenty to help out(as he would too) if u need it. Just throwing out there if you want them.