Convert powerchair to RC vehicle - Problem with Sabertooth 2x32

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So i am new to the world of robotics.

I am trying to convert a powerchair into a rc vehice. I have a sabertooth 2x32 controler and a flysky fs-ia6 controller/receiver. Everything powers up with no errors, but when i use the remote and send signal, I get a loud sound from the motors and the powerchair does not move. Motors are known to be good.

I have the brake wires hooked up as follows. 2 leads going to the 24v power +, and the other wires going to P1 and P2 on the sabertooth. Attached picture before hooking up receiver. Dip switches are set as follows first one off the rest on.

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The very first question would be are the brakes electric engaged or electric released? applied? Then which does the controller do when it is given the drive command? I know nothing about those RC controllers, but I do know about remote control of stuff, and the electric brake on my heavy duty trailer drive device has an electric released brake.
Next, for the motor drive, what sort of signal does it need to drive forward, and what sort of signal does your RC system deliver when you send a "drive" command?
The very first thing, before connecting any wires, is to know that the receiver sends the correct signal out for the action requested.