Connector Life Cycles Data [SOLVED]

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Where can one find the specification for connector life cycles? Now, don't say , "datasheet," as I can point to thousands of Molex datasheets that do not have that information. Are there compendia for each manufacturer?

For some items, the information is easy to find. For example USB connectors have ratings in the 1000's all the way down to the micro. JST also shows some ratings. Specifically, I am trying to find the ratings for Molex, Amphenol ICC, Wurth, and JST (or others) for connectors with pitch measurements of 2 mm or less for wire to board connection.

More specifically, the board I am working on has 5 connectors: FPC(display), USB micro(charging), TC (already discussed on AAC), battery (life cycles not important) , and ICSP. The only one that concerns me now is the ICSP connection. Tag Connect ( ) is out of the question because of space.

Edit: That information is available (obviously), but for some manufacturers is well hidden Others are more open, and for TE Connectivity for the device I wanted, apparently too recent to be indexed. They range from 10 to 10,000 (current USB). Twisted wires run around 2 or 3, and if made made of gold, maybe more. ;)

I've got my connectors solved. For ICSP on this device, tin contact plating is 40, thin gold is 100, and thicker gold is 250. For future development, I will probably make an mini- or micro-UBS breakout board with 0.1" pins. Then, all I need will be a standard telephone jack for my ICD3 to a USB micro or mini male cable.
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