Connecting a Pic 18-M2 to a Pic 08M2

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    I previously created a thread here asking about a project and got some really amazing responses, and I followed the advice of a member called Bertz to use two Pic boards to create a vending machine type simulator...thing. He told me to buy a PICAXE 18 high powered board and a PICAXE 08 proto board and connect them together, the 08 for a keypad decoder and the 18 board to control four motors. I guess my question is how to connect both boards together so that I can make the 08 board the input. I really wish I had kept in touch with the previous thread (and Bertz) but that wasnt possible for some reasons I'd rather not get into, thanks for any help, sorry for the rambling post.
    This is the post from Bertz -

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    if bertz gave you the advice, s/he must have thought through and i'm sure it will work. just a little patience I guess.