Confusing LoRa RFM96 module

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I bought these modules from Aliexpress, as we know sometime they are not what we expect.

Its RFM96 (or may be RF96 if actually that is different) when i was going through datasheet at end of the datasheet it was clearly said that RF95 family supports 868Mhz & 915Mhz but RF96 supports 433Mhz

I ordered RF95 modules but found label on it RF96 i thought seller sent me by mistake but on the back side of module we can see its checked marked that its RF95, I also see some other modules came from different seller at different time have same issue.

I just wanted to know is there something I misunderstood? or these modules comes with marking like this no matter what if they are actually RF95 or RF96 and they are all good.



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According to the datasheet, the RF96 is the IC but the RFM95 is a variant of the module that uses that IC. You can see the RF96 covers the necessary bands, and the RFM95 is set up to run in the 868 and 915MHz bands.