Component specifications that works well with 9V battery

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Yaşar Arabacı

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As I started to learn electronics as an hobby couple of days ago, I bought some supplies to play with. These are the things that I have now;

9V battery and its cap
10x 0.5k , 1k, 1.5k resistor (1/4W)
5 LED's with different colors
2 switches
thin cables that can connect with breadboard pins.

Now I want to buy more components to play with, here are the things that I want;

Centered needle ammeter and voltmeter

The problem I am having is to determine what kind of values ( as in, Farads, Henry's, Ohms etc.) should I look for selecting those components. I would like to build potentiometer+inductor (or capacitor) circuits and want to see voltmeter or ammeter needle moving around.

Also, is there other type of (hopefully inexpensive) components you would suggest for an absolute beginner to play with?


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The parts you will need are driven by the type of projects you want to do...
RF projects need different parts than audio projects need different parts than power projects need different parts than microprocessor projects, (get the idea?)

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Yaşar Arabacı

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We have a post just for that for you:

Components Selection Guide
I don't have any idea what most of those components are (just finished Volume 1 of the online textbook). Do you think I will need those other components (like diodes, transistors, integrated circuits etc.) eventually as I follow the online textbook? In that case I would like to buy them all in one trip (provided that they are not very expensive).


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A pursuit in electronics can easily develop into a lifelong engaging hobby or a rewarding career. Over the long haul you could very well use each and every one of those components listed.

I am not suggesting that you go out and acquire the complete list for starters. While each component by itself is inexpensive, the total cost can easily add up to the price of a meal for two.

You really want to control your costs and keep the price down. I suggest you buy the resistors and capacitors as an assorted package. You can also find starter hobby kits that will provide an assortment of some of the most useful components. Here are two examples:


Starter Electronic Kit

You really need to explore what is available in your market and area.